Friday, June 29, 2012

How to post comments

I don't want to insult those who already know how to do a comment post, but I have heard from new readers who don't know how to do it. Like I said previously, I've had trouble with that, too.   So, this is what Carolyn told me.

First, click on the comment link (which is in red and says "No comments" or "1 Comment" etc.)  at the bottom of each of my posts.  A box will open up to type the comment in. 

But first choose an option in the smaller "Comment as" box by clicking the tiny triangle which will drop down the options.  Then you could click "Name/URL" and enter your name (full name or first only or initials, whatever you prefer.)   After typing in the comment into the large box, click "Publish" to send it.  That's it! 

Also, when you click the red comment link, any other comments on that post will appear.  Feel free to comment on someone else's comment.  :)

Thanks again for taking the time to view my blog!  I know it's a bit different than other family-style blogs which usually have daily news and photos of family, but I hope you will enjoy the variety of topics.   Eventually, I will add a photo here and there as well. 

Speaking of photos, tomorrow's post will be  a poem about viewing old family photos, which I think everyone can relate to.  Come back soon!

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