Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Liver Trick

After posting the first poem about my experience of motherhood, it makes sense to follow it with one I wrote about my mother.

When we were kids, mom occasionally would make liver and onions for dinner, which I ate and didn't mind too much.  (Years later I tasted my Aunt Claire's liver recipe and loved that!  So I guess if one recipe isn't good, try another.)  But my dad did not enjoy Mom's liver and as the years went by, Mom made it less and less.  By junior high I really don't remember any more liver dinners.

Years later when I was married and cooking for Tom, Mom shared this story with me about why she didn't make liver anymore.  I think it was  intended as a lesson in basic kitchen survival.

When my brother read this poem last fall, his exasperated reaction was, "Why didn't she just say she wanted to go out?!"  Well, I don't know, but this is one of those things that men will never figure out about women. 

The Liver Trick  by Janet Sobczyk, 2011ⓒ

Bev was a good cook
who liked to eat out
once in a while
but didn't like to suggest it.

Bill worked hard all day

but came home for lunch
then he would leave
asking what would be for dinner.

Bev usually tried

to please his palate
but had one trick...
she knew he didn't like liver.

Bev would put it out

on the sink to thaw
Bill would see it
a frozen package of liver.

Bev would wait it out

and after a while
Bill would call her
and suggest they eat out tonight.

Bill was never told

and he never guessed
Bev used the same
package of liver all those years!



Anonymous said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing your blog with me.

Janet said...

Liz, thanks for stopping by. Come again soon!

Anonymous said...

I too grew up being served liver and onions (which I did NOT like), but my Dad loved it - so this wouldn't have worked on him. Truly wonderful 'slice of life' poem Janet!

RhymeLovingWriter...AKA...Paula Z. (from WordSowers)

Janet said...

Thanks, Paula!