Monday, July 9, 2012

The Grass is Always Greener Across the Street

This poem was written this summer as I noticed out the window how much time the neighbor couple spends on their yard to make it look so nice.   I started thinking about other neighborhoods that I have seen or lived in.  It seems there is always a “best yard” on the block that is envied. 

A cardboard teepee makes a great summer playhouse in 1994

The Grass is Always Greener Across the Street  
 by Janet Sobczyk, 2012ⓒ 

In any neighborhood
there is a yard
better than the rest,
always green, mown,
watered, and trimmed,
with great flowers
and maybe a fountain.

It’s beautiful to see,
quite an asset.
The couple who lives
there works so hard
to keep it up,
then rests in chairs
watching the neighborhood.

Our yard was pretty, too,
when we moved in
many years ago.
Later, the kids
were born and played
all sorts of games
on our lawn everyday.

Now it’s not so pretty
with brown patches
where bases have stood.
There are some weeds
and the bushes
are overgrown,
we need to water, too.

But our kids are still young,
there are places
to go and things to do.
There’s seldom time
to do yard work,
so our poor lawn
is slightly neglected.

Yet someday there’ll be time
when kids are gone
to tend a perfect lawn.
And then we’ll sit
in our lawn chairs
watching, waiting
for the kids to visit.

But now is the time to
enjoy our kids,
don’t wish time would fly.
I much prefer
to have them here
rather than have
the best yard on the block.

The kids building snow forts in 2000


Carolyn said...

I love this one, Mom! I think as kids, we definitely preferred having a "loved" yard over a perfect yard that we wouldn't have been allowed to play on.

Janet said...

Thanks, Carolyn. If I was savvy about pictures right now I would post a few old ones of your antics with sprinklers and sleds and building a cardboard teepee in the front yard. Remember that? :)

Carolyn Sobczyk said...

Of course!