Monday, July 2, 2012

The Irony of Spider Webs

Now, on to a light-hearted summer poem that I wrote last year.  This one is dedicated to Andrea for 2 reasons:  because she works at camps each summer and because she actually likes this poem (which is high praise from someone who isn't into poetry!)

Note from the future: this poem won first place in the Peru State College Writing Contest in 2014.

The Irony of Spider Webs  by Janet Sobczyk, 2011ⓒ

Sometimes I stand in wonder
when I see a spider web
that was woven overnight
between my car and a bush.
I stop to examine it,
sturdy and sticky enough
to catch the largest insects,
but so dainty and sparkly,
beautiful and symmetrical.
It could easily be ruin'd
by the swipe of a mean broom.

Sometimes I simply marvel
at the swift acrobatics
and skill of the small spider
who crafted this masterpiece,
and now rests at the far edge
waiting for food to be snared.
It will spring into action
like a small cowboy roping,
wrapping the victim in silk.
I ponder the poor fly's plight...
It is the circle of life.

Sometimes I don't see the web
until I've walked right through it.
I cringe from the shock of it,
then dance around peeling strands
from my face in sheer disgust.
The invisible silk sticks
in my hair, on my fingers.
I recoil in fear, just think...
the spider might be on me!

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Barbara Brown said...

Very descriptive. I see why your daughter likes this one.