Monday, July 16, 2012


  I thought I'd follow my last posting with another horse story. 
 This poem is about when I first got my horse and it was still so new to me.  The title is a horse term but, as a play on words, could also refer to the rider.  The ending was a temporary reaction.  As time went I became much more confident and adventurous.  

Brownie and Jan, approx 1975.

“Ladybroke” By Janet Sobczyk, 2012ⓒ

Such a good horse!
She was trained to be
loyal and obedient.
So she, of course,
didn’t nip or kick.
She was calm and, oh, so sweet.

She wasn’t young,
a bit overweight,
but I was her new owner.
I didn’t know
she could do races
in figure eights ‘round barrels.

In the pasture
some barrels were set.
She saw them and took off fast.
I was startled
and tried to hold on
but over the side I went.

I fell down hard.
She came back to me,
but stood a little too close.
In pain I yelled,
from the bumpy ground,
“You’re standing on my hand!  Move!”

A big, blue bruise
was my souvenir.
I learned a lesson that day.
Later we cruised
at a slower speed
throughout the big, green pasture.

No more racing,
no more silly tricks,
no more barrel runs for me.
Gentle pacing,
tame enough and safe
with my polite lady’s horse.


Carolyn said...

I LOVE this picture! Especially after hearing so many stories about Brownie throughout the years. Your hair was so blond back then!

Janet said...

Joe's comment when I showed this to him was that "You looked a bit like Carolyn back then." :)