Thursday, July 26, 2012

Needlepoint Pleasure

 The last two poems have been on deeper topics than this one, but I wanted to shift the mood.

I don't do nearly as much needlework and sewing I as used to, but I still enjoy it occasionally and feel it is a great stress reliever.  I used to like counted-cross stitch, but now that I'm older my eyes prefer the printed canvas of needlepoint instead of a blank cloth with squares to count.

When I do needlework, I feel connected to women of past generations who made useful and beautiful things by sewing, making lace, crocheting, knitting, and needlework.  Today, with store-bought goods so available, sewing has become a hobby in our society instead of a necessity.  But it is not a lost art.  I am so glad when I see a quilt display (at the library each year) or see someone knitting on the bleachers at a ballgame.  I am drawn to converse with anyone using a needle and thread, and I always find a kindred spirit who feels the same satisfaction as I do from having created something beautiful.

Needlepoint Pleasure  by Janet Sobczyk, 2011ⓒ

Some people relieve stress
with drink or jogging or TV,
but what I like the best
is pleasant and calming to me.

Opening a new kit
reveals a rainbow of colors
to sort and count and sift
each shade apart from the others.

Once the sorting is done
and the directions are read through
then I begin the fun,
the part I truly love to do.

Thread the needle, then start
to fill the colors in each space;
it somehow calms my heart
to see the new picture take shape.

Time then seems to stand still
as I push the needle up and down,
each part slowly is filled
while I get lost in my thoughts now.

When I look at the clock
and see the time I sigh and groan;
I think with a mild shock,
“time didn’t stand still, it has flown!”

The kit gets put away,
the needle, canvas, and the thread
to wait another day,
but for now I must go to bed.


Barbara Brown said...

Very nice. I like this one. I know just how you feel about creating something.

Janet said...

Thanks! Kindred spirits. :)

The picture is one I did when I was very young and it is hanging in my sewing/ironing room.

I used to call that room the costume shop during the years when I made so many Halloween costumes in there. I'm thinking about posting something about that in October, but we have so many photos of costumes it would be hard to choose.

RhymeLovingWriter said...

I can relate to this too - though my hobby was cross-stitch - and it's been many years since I've attempted anything! I still have a whole box of intended projects - perhaps I will pull them out this winter?