Saturday, July 14, 2012


 When I was in junior high I was horse crazy and took riding lessons with my best friend, Helen.  Our parents bought us each a horse because there was a boarding stable fairly close to Helen's house and we could get there on our bikes. The horses were for our families to enjoy, so Helen's sister joined us frequently, but none of our other siblings had the time (or interest?) to go very often.

  Eventually, the owner of the stable sold it to our fathers, who went out regularly to maintain it.  I don't recall the dads riding much, but I think they enjoyed the barn and pasture as much as we girls did.  Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around that place.  There are several stories from adventures on horseback with Helen, but strangely enough this is my favorite.  The heat wave we're having this summer reminded me of this day.

Trespassing  by Janet Sobczyk, 2012ⓒ

The summer sun was high
And so hot in the pale blue sky
A great day for a ride
Two friends, two horses, side by side.

Another dusty road
Gave us not a clue to forbode
The new delight in store
A fresh green meadow to explore.

Surrounded by tall trees
With barely a soft summer breeze
We reined the horses in
And admired the view with a grin.

The clover smelled so sweet
The shade above us was a treat
But soon we heard a sound
A soft humming rose from the ground.

It began very low
Then gradually started to grow
A new sight made us freeze
Literally hundreds of bees!

They flew from the clover
Angry that we had stopped over
 Not wanting to get stung
From the cool meadow – run, run, run!

So we made a mad dash
The horses took off in a flash
Down the hot dusty road
The horses didn’t need a goad.

Once the danger was gone
We slowed to a walk and laughed long
That was surely the last
Time we ever chose to trespass.

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