Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An Unexpected Blessing

I just heard from a friend who is a new grandma and so many memories came back to me from when my five children were babies.  Probably my favorite memory is sitting and rocking them to lullaby music. This poem is about my fifth baby who was a surprise in more ways than one, and continues to surprise us everyday.       

 Baby Monica with big brother Joe, 2001
An Unexpected Blessing  By Janet Sobczyk, 2011ⓒ

When my daughter was born I was torn
from my warm, comfy life as a wife
and old mother of four.

Since my kids numbered five I would strive
to understand anew what to do
with a special needs child.

Doctors gave me advice (more than twice!)
about her health concerns, and I learned
the things that can go wrong.

They explained fragile parts like her heart;
gave new worries and fears to my years.
What does the future hold?

Friends gave me hope as I groped
to travel this new path, with a laugh
and fake smile on my face.

At home I was weeping, not sleeping.
It was sad and tiring, desiring
to meet her many needs.

Family gave their help (when I yelped!)
They learned how to assist, as I wished.
 I prayed for peace and rest.

And as time went along a new song
welled up inside of me: I can be
A good mom after all!

She is more like the rest than I’d guessed.
She smiles and needs my love, little dove,
so peaceful and happy.

I let go of the sorrow. Tomorrow’s
challenges will be met, not just yet,
but one day at a time.


Barbara Brown said...


Janet said...

Thank you! Enjoy your grand-baby. :)

Carolyn said...

Love this poem, Mom. I agree Monica is an unexpected blessing, but at the time she was born I can only imagine the worrying her potential health concerns caused. Today I'm blessed to have a healthy and bright little sister!

Janet said...

I'm so glad you like it and can appreciate how well she does. I am very grateful for the love and acceptance of her siblings. It isn't always easy to be the sib of a child with special needs, but she learns so much from you.

RhymeLovingWriter said...

This is a beautiful reflection on meeting life - new life - in the very best day at a time and with hope and faith for the future. Well done Janet!