Saturday, August 25, 2012

Orphaned Bunny

This poem seems to follow naturally after the last posting about saving a butterfly. The reality is, not everything can be saved and not all endings are happy.

As children, when this happened, we didn’t know that wild bunnies are incredibly difficult to raise without a mama (who was found dead.)  We were sure we had loved it to death.

 Orphaned Bunny by Janet Sobczyk, 2012ⓒ

Dad found a baby bunny
With no mama around.
Scared and alone in the tall grass,
It didn’t hop away.
Dad brought it home to his daughters,
We thought it was so cute.
We took turns holding it gently
And took lots of pictures.
We named it and loved it so much,
Our sweet baby bunny.

But all babies need their mothers
As this one surely did.
Without its mom it wouldn’t eat
No matter what we gave.
It was tired and fell fast asleep,
But never did awake.
We gave it a sad funeral
And cried for our bunny.
We only had it for one day,
It was here and gone quick.
Forty years have now passed us by,
We still remember it.

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