Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Broken Butterfly

This is not a photo of the preserved monarch.  It wasn't very photogenic.  :)

At the time this happened I was too young to know  that Monarchs migrate, live through the winter in a warm climate, and migrate back in the spring like birds.  I thought it was nearly a miracle that it lived so long and felt like it was a special gift.  In fact, after it died the next spring, we put it in an empty toffee tin and I still have it, almost perfectly preserved. 

The Broken Butterfly  By Janet Sobczyk, 2012ⓒ

I found it on the ground
With a bent, broken wing
Still alive and strug’ling.
I scooped it gently up
And carried it to school.
Monarch survived the day
In my small wooden desk,
Then I carried it home.
Fed on sugar water,
Let loose in my bedroom,
It rested and then crawled
And fluttered its good wing.
It sat by the window
To enjoy the warm sun.
My pal all winter long.

Andrea at age 10 looks a lot like I did when this story took place.

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