Friday, September 28, 2012


I read somewhere that humans are not fully alive unless we are creating
 I believe that is true. 

 I didn't write for many years because I thought I had nothing to say.
  I didn't sew anymore because clothes are too quickly outgrown. 
 And I didn't do needlework anymore because I didn't think I had time. 
 Only in retrospect do I realize how important creativity is to my mental well-being and how much of me was lying dormant during those years.  But I look back and realize my creativity came out by helping and encouraging my children to be creative.  These photos are just a few examples.  I have so many more examples, but these make my point and make me smile.  

 I hope my children will always find outlets for the use of their imaginations. 

A group Lego project in 2001.

Carolyn's Harry Potter sculptures on display at the library in 2001. 
 She created all the characters before the movies came out.

Andrea, the driveway artist in 1995.

Joe's artwork on display at an exhibit in 2006. 
 He won 2nd place for this self-portrait.

Peter's house of cards in 2001

Monica's train comes through the kitchen in 2007.

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