Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Adventurous Snail

 This is a good back-to-school poem because it takes place mostly while I (as a child) am away at school during the day.  It seemed unbelievable to me at the time, and still does, but it is true.  However, as the snail aged, his journeys became less frequent and he stayed a lot closer to the bowl. 

The Adventurous Snail   by Janet Sobczyk, 2012ⓒ

A goldfish bowl
Needs a good snail
To keep it clean.

I picked a big one
A big, round black one
To live with my fish.

It liked to crawl
Up the glass side
And o’er the top

It didn’t stop there
To admire the view
It kept on going!

Down the glass side
On the table
But where to next?

It didn’t turn back
My silly black snail
Just kept on going.

Down the steep wood
To the carpet
But where to next?

The vast carpet loomed
Like a yellow sea
But snail wasn’t scared.

He slowly crawled
Inch by long inch
And kept going.

Across the big room
He found my new bed
And climbed up the post.

School was over
So I came home
And found my snail.

He must have been sad
To be found that way
And then carried back.

Back to his bowl
So small and cold
What to do now?

Wait until morning
‘til I go to school
Then set out again.

Yes, he did this
Day after day
A new journey.

To the big dresser
To the windowsill
To the wicker chair.

To the closet
To the toy box
To ev’rywhere!

He liked adventure
The thrill of the climb
The marvelous views.

The room’s so big
He must have thought
It was the world.

And when I got home
I never quite knew
Where I’d find him next.

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