Monday, September 24, 2012

What I've Learned... from carrying newspapers

A few years ago my two sons and daughter shared two newspaper routes for the summer.  They did it again the next summer and then kept it through the school year.  As it turned out, that winter was one of the snowiest we can remember.  I wrote this list when we were done with the routes.

What I've Learned...
from carrying newspapers
by Janet Sobczykⓒ

  • Be careful walking through yards before dawn or you'll end up with a nasty surprise, like spider webs across your face or dog doo on your shoes.
  • Enjoy each season as it comes.  There are more good weather days than bad ones, so look for the beauty in each season.
  • Walk through sprinklers on a summer day, but avoid icy stairs in the winter.
  • Even "friendly" dogs can be scary when they're protecting their yard.
  • Many people would never think of tipping the news carrier unless they (or their children) had carried.
  • A dollar tip from a grateful, little old lady is worth way more than a dollar.
  • News print can stain.
  • Manual labor earns an honest wage, but it may be a pittance.
  • Having a partner makes the work a lot easier, which can be said about most things in life.  

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