Saturday, September 15, 2012

What I've Learned... about first-graders

I have been compiling a series of short lists about the things I've learned from the different jobs or experiences I've had.  This one is about working as a para in a first-grade classroom, which is what I've been doing for the last 3 years.  

The apple basket photo is a close-up of a picture in my home (by Mark Stuart).

What I've Learned... about first-graders 
byJanet Sobczyk 2012 ⓒ

  • They arrive as kindergarteners and leave as almost-second-graders.  Big changes in one year!
  • They argue over crayons and markers.  Daily.
  • They tattle incessantly.
  • They are heart-broken when someone tattles on them.
  • They pick scabs, lose teeth, and get skinned knees, so they'll need Band-aids and ice packs and tissues and hugs.
  • They get tired and hungry and frustrated.
  • They have great achievements and great failures.  Often moments apart.
  • They need to learn to tie their shoes, which takes time and patience.  Once mastered, they will want to help others who haven't learned yet.
  • Those who haven't learned to tie shoes can come up with elaborate ways to twist and knot and tuck the laces into shoes so they look tied.
  • Those who aren't creative with laces don't notice when their shoes are untied.
  • They love stickers and smiles and high fives.
  • They love to be helpers and first in line.
  • They love school and their teachers and will give their artwork freely as gifts.
  • They make teachers smile and laugh and feel needed.
  • They can also make teachers thank God when it's Friday.     


Anonymous said...

So true!!!

Janet said...

Thanks for stopping by, Liz. I was hoping a teacher would see this. :)

RhymeLovingWriter said...

My oldest daughter is a 1st grade teacher. I've often suggested she write down all of the cute things that her students say from year to year. This reminds me of some of the things she's related too!