Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lost and Alone

One of my first-graders this year wants so badly to get a hamster for a pet.  I told him I enjoyed having hamsters when I was a kid, but they like to escape from their cages.  That gave him something to think about.  And it reminded me of this poem, which is another true story.

Lost and Alone by Janet Sobczyk, 2012ⓒ

Ok, these are not hamsters.
  But Carolyn enjoyed guinea pigs
as much as I enjoyed hamsters.
Faster, faster, run, run!
The wheel spins fast.
It goes squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak.
Such an annoying sound!

The hamster cage
was in the TV room.
By day it was quiet
while Hamster slept.
At night it was noisy
while Hamster exercised
and spun that wheel.

Night after night
it drove my mom crazy.
Then she finally cracked,
picked up that cage,
and marched it down the stairs
to the dark, cold basement
and left it there.

Hamster got fed
and watered each new day,
but now he was alone.
No warm daylight,
no fun people around
to entertain at night.
He was lonely.

We don't know how
but he managed to fall
cage and all to the floor.
The lid popped off
and Hamster did escape
exploring the basement
for many days.

What would he eat?
Could he find water?
He was hopelessly lost,
not to be found.
We assumed he would die
when we couldn't find him.
But we were wrong.

Lost and alone,
he made his way to us.
One night he climbed and climbed
up and over,
up and over each stair
until he reached the top.
Such a triumph!

But then... defeat.
The big door at the top
blocked the way to freedom.
It was too big,
no space to crawl under.
What could Hamster do now?
Scritch, scratch, scritch, scratch.

Meanwhile, Mother
was feeling bad about 
the banished, lost hamster.
Where had he gone?
Would the kids find him dead?
Would it make a bad smell?
Scritch, scratch, scritch, scratch.

What is that noise?
Who's scratching on the door?
What a late night surprise!
Open the door
to find a lost critter.
Mom reached down and he jumped
right in her hand.

Back in the cage
with fresh water and food,
back in the TV room
with people friends,
Hamster's happy and warm.
It is good to be home.
Time for a run!

Faster, faster, run, run!
The wheel spins fast.
It goes squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak.
Such a comforting sound.

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