Thursday, October 25, 2012


   Recently I watched the 2012 version of Steel Magnolia's (with a cast of wonderful African-American actresses) which is about a group of women who are best friends through all the seasons of their lives.

   The next morning I went to an early morning Mass at a convent chapel and enjoyed worshiping with the nuns.  As I drove home I thought about nuns I have known and how in 6th grade I had wanted to be one.  I also thought about my own two sisters and how far apart we live, which makes me sad.

   When I got home I wrote this poem about the three meanings of "sisters".  I chose this photo because it just shouts "sisterhood." 

            Sisters  by Janet Sobczyk, 2012ⓒ

Sisters are we
and forever will be,
joined at the heart
whether near or apart,
good times and bad          
during happy and sad.
Sisters are we
and forever will be.

“Sisters” can also mean
those who come clean
and speak truth together
knowing weather          
will change, but they remain
friends just the same,
growing closer each year
through fun and tears.

“Sisters” are those
who wear black and white clothes.
Together they
work, minister, and pray.
In peace and calm,
their lives a healing balm,
seeking to live
in God’s will as they give.

Three meanings of
a word that portrays love.
Sisters by blood,
or through friendship and love,
even by vow,
all are truly blessed now.
Sisters are we
and forever will be.

1960 photo of Sr. Clarice and friends

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