Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Tree Goes on a Diet

When Tom and I first got married we bought a big, white pine for our first tree.  He loved the soft needles and scent.  I enjoyed decorating it.  So every year, that's the type of tree we got... for 16 years. 

As time went on I tired of hunting for the perfect tree, wrestling it into the stand, and vacuuming up dry needles.  So I surprised Tom with an artificial tree.  It was so easy to assemble, the kids could do it, which was a great help.  That tree graced our Christmas day photos for ten years.  But the top branch (the angel's perch) broke.  And that tree, though it's never changed, had seemed to outgrow our living room.  Maybe it's because the kids are growing up and their long legs take up more room. 

So this year I asked for a new, thinner Christmas tree.  When Tom brought it home, I was amazed at how much smaller the box was and couldn't wait to see it assembled.  Seeing how much different it looks made me think of different human body shapes, which inspired this poem.

Our old "fat" tree

 Christmas Tree Goes on a Diet 

by Janet Sobczyk, 2012ⓒ

There it stands, dressed in green
but bedecked 
with red and white,
or blue and gold.

One year we even tried
new colors:
purple and pink
for this Advent time.

But white lights always seem
the best choice
no matter which
color scheme we choose.

With carols in the air
and eggnog
for sweet sipping
we add the garland.

Soon presents grace the skirt
with color
which children shake
and want to open.

This tree's so full and fat
and tall that
it barely fits
the room anymore.

For next year we must find

a thin one
to grace our home
with its own new style.

We bring it to our house
in a box
wanting to know
will it look just right?

We put it together
the first time
then we stand back
to admire the job.

Our new tree is so tall
and so thin
we all have room
to enjoy the view.

It almost seems that our
dear old tree
has gone on a 
holiday diet!

Our new "thin" tree

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Janet said...

Yet again there are extra odd spaces (after the 1st line of each stanza) that I cannot fix. Well, this time, at least it's a consistent odd space.