Saturday, December 29, 2012

Similar But Opposites

Similar But Opposites
A grand-daughter’s memories
By Janet Sobczyk, 2011ⓒ

My sweet Grandmother Rose
had a sister named Claire.
They both worked as nurses.
They both were good bakers.
They both raised small fam'lies.
They both were religious.
But they were opposites
in very many ways.

Rose was short and quite stout.
Claire was petite and thin.

Rose’s hair turned light grey.
Claire’s was dyed a soft red.

Rose was rather quiet.
Claire enjoyed telling jokes.

Rose baked delicious rolls.
Claire baked cookies galore.

Rose never learned to drive.
Claire had an orange Mustang.

Rose lived in a small town.
Claire moved to a city.

Rose married glib salesman Elsmer.
Claire married laborer Clarence.

Elsmer and Clarence were brothers
and opposites in many ways.

Elsmer was tall and round.
Clarence was thin and stooped.

Elsmer was a big talker.
Clarence was very quiet.

Elsmer enjoyed good health.
Clarence suffered back pain.

Rose and Elsmer had a boy and girl.
Claire and Clarence had only one girl.

Rose and Elsmer had six grandchildren.
Claire and Clarence had just one grandson.

Rose passed away before Elsmer.
Claire was a widow many years.

Life was hard for Rose and Claire.
They both had crosses to bear.
They both taught me so much,
like baking and loving,
praying and forgiving.
They remain in my heart.
 I sorely miss Rose and Claire.

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