Friday, February 22, 2013

Found old photos!!

At long last my old photos have been located and I have had fun inserting some into my older posts.  Check them out  by going to my blog archive at the left.  Click on "2012" and go to the posts in June, July, and November.  Gotta love old photos!

Silence and Forgiveness

The season of Lent brings my thoughts to things I regret and want to do over.  It's a time of starting fresh and improving oneself.  It's a time to give up bad habits and cultivate good ones.

I want to share this small story of forgiveness because it may inspire others to mend old relationships, too.
"Pop-pop" and me, approx. 1962

Silence and Forgiveness  by Janet Sobczyk, 2012ⓒ

Grandfather was called "Pop-pop" by his grandkids.  Maybe it was a childish way of saying Papa. I don't know for sure who started it, but that was his name.

When I was little I enjoyed taking walks around the block with him and his Chihuahua or riding with him around his small town.  He had a habit of reading every sign to me, which I didn't mind too much as a child.

When I was fifteen, Gramma died suddenly and everything changed. Pop-pop found a new lady friend and married her.  He didn't seem to have time for his grandchildren anymore, so I just stopped talking to him.

It went on like that for years.  Just silence between us.  And lots of distance since we lived in different states. I didn't think we would ever bridge the gap.

But when I grew up and got married my perspective changed.  I could understand the loneliness he had felt and his desire for a wife.  My heart softened.

We never spoke about our feelings or apologized.  We started with hesitant smiles and then polite conversation.  By the end of his life I could hug him and mean it.

I am so glad that at his funeral I felt peace.  No more bitterness or regret.  Just peace and a comfortable silence.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

This is a paper mosaic picture that Andrea made.
 It reminds me of my valentines to loved ones floating out to them like balloons.

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday because I enjoy being able to give people little expressions of my love without the big expense and long to-do list of major holidays like Christmas.  I also need that visual pick-me-up of pink and red during winter's bleakness. 

I know that this day can be a cause of sadness for some people who feel unloved or lonely (I've been there).  But by focusing on surprising others, it becomes joyous.  So.... spread the love and enjoy the day!  

PS:  Feel like a poem about married love?  Go into my blog archive to Sept 6 to see Phases of Love, which has been one of my most-viewed posts.