Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

This is a paper mosaic picture that Andrea made.
 It reminds me of my valentines to loved ones floating out to them like balloons.

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday because I enjoy being able to give people little expressions of my love without the big expense and long to-do list of major holidays like Christmas.  I also need that visual pick-me-up of pink and red during winter's bleakness. 

I know that this day can be a cause of sadness for some people who feel unloved or lonely (I've been there).  But by focusing on surprising others, it becomes joyous.  So.... spread the love and enjoy the day!  

PS:  Feel like a poem about married love?  Go into my blog archive to Sept 6 to see Phases of Love, which has been one of my most-viewed posts.

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