Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Poinsettia at Easter Time

A Poinsettia at Easter Time

Every year at Christmas Tom gives me a poinsettia plant.  And every year when it looks all dead in late January, I throw it out.  

This year I learned that poinsettias are a lot like rose bushes.  If they are pruned, they survive a dormant stage and sprout greenery again.  So I tried it and was tickled to watch it coming back to life!  I realized that this plant's stages have a tangible correlation to Christmas joy (in its red and green beauty), Lenten sorrow (in its dying), and Easter Resurrection (in its new life).

I don't have much of a green thumb, and many would think my "revelation" is elementary, but watching that plant change from December through March has given me a lot to think about this Lent.  Not just about Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection, but about the daily deaths and rebirths, losses and gains, that humans experience in our daily lives. 

Seeing that plant turn green after looking so black and wilted, gives me hope for healing in any areas of my own life that have felt dead and lifeless.  It helps me to remember that painful losses are our pruning, and with time and patience and care, the pruning can lead to beautiful changes.

Happy Easter to all!

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