Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sophie and Lulu

Last spring we noticed changes in our 9-year-old schnauzer-terrier mix, Sophie.  The vet confirmed... our dog was blind.  We heard the best thing to do for a blind dog is to get another dog, so at the end of the summer we did. 

 Lulu, a cockapoo, came into our lives the same way Sophie did, through the Humane SocietySophie had been surrendered at 6 months old, but Lulu was a 9-year-old family dog (they think) who was lost and never claimed.  We welcomed her into our home, but it took a little longer for Sophie to warm up to this friendly newcomer. 

 Sophie and Lulu    by Janet Sobczyk, 2013ⓒ

Sophie enjoying the sunshine on our porch.

                   Nine years in a 1-dog home
                   top dog for so long
                   Sophie was slowing down
                   going blind
                   darkness settled in
                   as black as her furry coat.

                   Lulu arrived so happy
                   greeting everyone
                   a smile from ear to ear
                   so perky
                   with a golden coat
                   a sunny disposition.

                   They sniffed
                   circled 'round
                   nose to nose
                   then walked away.

                   Lulu explored the whole house
                   tested the sofa
                   sampled the water bowl
                   ate a treat
                   smelled the dog bed
                   and seemed to like her new home.

                   Sophie tolerated her
                   followed her around
                   treated her like a guest
                   not happy
                   to have her toys touched
                   but just waiting for her to leave.

                   Lulu stayed
                   didn't leave
                   took up space
                   Sophie simmered.

                   After 3 days Sophie snapped
                   she had had enough
                   they were begging for treats 
                   Sophie nipped
                   Lulu yipped and jumped
                   the girls were separated.

                   Lulu learned to show respect
                   followed Sophie's lead
                   let her be first to eat
                   and outside
                   and most important
                   to avoid her fav'rite spots.

                   Lulu stayed
                   and obeyed
                   and quite soon
                   they became pals.

Lulu enjoying her new home.

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