Monday, April 21, 2014

A Happy Easter

The kids were all home for Easter.  We planned to go to the early Mass on Sunday.  Getting 7 people through 2 bathrooms by 7:15 am is quite a feat, but we did it!  Once there we could relax and enjoy the music, the flowers, and the golden light shining through colored glass.  

It was a nice Mass and a memorable homily.  Memorable to my grown children because the priest misused the word "selfie", so his message actually stuck in their minds.  Perhaps he was smarter than they thought.

But the highlight of that hour was the family seated in the row in front of us.  There were two calm parents and four young children, 2 girls and 2 boys.  Everyone was dressed in their best Easter outfits and looked happy. Watching them was such a flashback in time.  

I understand now the looks we used to get in church when we had 2 girls and 2 boys (before our fifth came along).  People would watch, with knowing smiles, the quiet antics of our little boys clutching toy cars.  They would compliment our girls in their floral dresses. We must have been a fun distraction for them.

Easter 1998 at Tom's parents' house.

Somehow the chaos of our large family always seemed contained during an hour at church. The kids truly tried to be on their best behavior.  Of course, on the way home all heck could break out, but for that one hour it usually seemed like a slice of heaven to me.

Watching that family in church brought back that feeling of young parenthood.  The memories that came flooding back are precious.  But truly, I cherish the now, with my "kids" so grown up and tall and self-sufficient.  I look forward someday to having grandchildren, but not just yet, because I am happy in this precious moment.  A moment that I know will speed forward as quickly as all the other precious years did. 

Easter 2014 -  I feel really short now!