Monday, February 16, 2015

Farewell to Sophie

Almost 11 years ago we adopted Sophie (a Schnauzer-Terrier mix) from the Nebraska Humane Society.  She was 5 months old and Monica was 3.  They grew to be good buddies.  As the youngest, Monica loved having someone else in the house to boss around, and Sophie tolerated it well. Peter (age 8 at the time) was the one who had been asking for a dog.  He slept by Sophie's kennel to keep her company the first two nights in her new home. 
Monica and Sophie, Nov. 2004
Our 3 older kids also bonded with Sophie in their own ways.  Carolyn and Andrea  owned guinea pigs, so they loved having a dog, too. Sophie was interested in those little varmints, but very gentle with them when they ran loose in the kitchen. Joe, for his part, preferred to be less hands-on.  After all, pets are messy and require a lot of care.  I still think he enjoyed having her around, although he wouldn't admit it.  Tom and I had both grown up with dogs in our families, so having a dog in the house came very naturally to us.  

About 2 years ago Sophie went blind and was diagnosed with Cushings disease.  She still enjoyed walks around the block and managed to find her way around the house.  It was sad to see her bump into things, but she adapted well. 

Andrea found information that indicated the best thing to do for a blind dog is to get another dog.  So we did!  Lulu the Cockapoo joined us a few months after Sophie's diagnosis.  We found her at the Nebraska Humane Society, too, and she has charmed her way into our hearts as well... even Joe's! 

 At first Sophie wasn't sure about this house-guest that didn't leave, but they became friendly.  I think it was a comfort to Sophie to have Lulu home with her when we were all gone during work/school days.

Two weeks ago Sophie gave up the fight with Cushings.  It was so hard to see her decline and to say goodbye.  When I came across this photo yesterday and showed it to the kids they remarked, "She was so skinny then!"  A symptom of Cushings is weight gain, so she looked much different in her later years (just like humans change as they age).

I've noticed a lot of newspaper obituaries show photos of the deceased when they were much younger, so I felt this photo was the perfect one to post in loving memory of our very "good dog."        
                                                           We miss you!

(See post with photos of Sophie and Lulu on Nov. 24, 2013.)


Janet said...

Sorry, the spaces between paragraphs wouldn't post for some reason. I don't like long, unbroken text, but I still wanted to get this up while I had the time.

Carolyn said...

Such a cute picture of Monica and Sophie! Love this post, Mom. Sophie was a good dog. :)