Friday, September 16, 2016

Baseball Memories

  Monica in a spring game at the AllPlay Miracle League field. 

Carolyn in a softball game in D.C. last year.

Slugger Joe years ago.


Pete had his game face on back then!

Andrea had the least interest in softball.  Did it show?

Saturday, July 9, 2016

More Mandalas

More Mandalas from The Little Book of Coloring for Calm by Madonna Gauding that I colored and added simple cinquain poems to describe.

The jagged lines in this first one seemed such a stark contrast to the center circle, so I used bold colors and a calm blue to create the feeling in the cinquain.

irritating, annoying 
nerves on edge
seek quiet space

This next one was inspired by the propeller shapes in the middle ring that made me think of a plane  circling the field at the center.  The sunflowers and green circles around outer rim represent the plants. 

yellow, old
swooping, turning, spraying
over the fields
crop duster 

The small circles in this one reminded me of heads.  The 10 octopus-like arms reminded me of multi-tasking.  The center, colored yellow and orange, represents energy.  The use of blue for the outside rim symbolizes the calm and focus that teachers strive to create in a classroom.
planning, multi-tasking, caring
lighting a spark
in 25 students

This last one seems self-explanatory.
fresh, fragrant
thoughtful gift
of roses and thorns

The mandalas were used in this post with permission from the publisher, Roly Allen. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mandalas for inspiration

I bought The Little Book of Coloring for Calm: 100 Mandalas for Relaxation in Minutes by Madonna Gauding this winter and have enjoyed coloring these small designs as a soothing activity.  

Then, I began to see how utilizing one creative outlet can inspire another one.  In my case, the mandalas inspired me to write cinquain poetry.  These simple, 5-line poems are an enjoyable way for me to keep writing even when I have little time.

The circle of sunbursts in this mandala inspired my poem, Ideas.

flashes of inspiration
pearls of wisdom
on the right track
in the flow

The woven and circular patterns in this one inspired my poem, Infinite.

no beginning
never ending
life after life

The center spiral of this next one brought to mind movement through a tunnel toward a light, which became this memorial to my parents.
The blue and green outer rim represents life on earth.  The colored dots represent my parents' birthstones (Dad = pink tourmaline and Mom = green peridot) as they spiral in decline toward the tunnel.  Dad went a few short years ahead of Mom.

Final Journey
sadness, pain
waiting, praying, releasing
to the light

The outer rim and circles of this one suggested a stairway, and my nervousness about heights inspired the poem, Staircase.

steep, spiral
climbing, slipping, falling
in my mind

Permission to post these mandalas on my blog was granted by the publisher, Roly Allen .

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Writing Success

Just wanted to share my delight in having three of my works accepted by Screamin' Mamas magazine!  (This is the fruit of my new-found free time after graduation.)

1.  Their March issue included my poem "Change" (see photo below)
2.  An upcoming edition will include my poem "Collections."
3.  Also, my personal narrative, "Death of a Dryer" tied for second place in their Creative Nonfiction Contest this spring.  

I was excited to receive the complimentary copy of the March issue and was amazed at the beautiful artwork, photos, and unusual stories it contained.  Even the quality of the paper was impressive.  I have been savoring each page of this issue and look forward to seeing the next one.

Please check out their website at

Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Photo of Freedom

    This picture is the best way I can describe how graduation feels!! 
    In December I finally completed a degree in K-12 Special Education.  
    Having some extra free time now is amazing!