Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mandalas for inspiration

I bought The Little Book of Coloring for Calm: 100 Mandalas for Relaxation in Minutes by Madonna Gauding this winter and have enjoyed coloring these small designs as a soothing activity.  

Then, I began to see how utilizing one creative outlet can inspire another one.  In my case, the mandalas inspired me to write cinquain poetry.  These simple, 5-line poems are an enjoyable way for me to keep writing even when I have little time.

The circle of sunbursts in this mandala inspired my poem, Ideas.

flashes of inspiration
pearls of wisdom
on the right track
in the flow

The woven and circular patterns in this one inspired my poem, Infinite.

no beginning
never ending
life after life

The center spiral of this next one brought to mind movement through a tunnel toward a light, which became this memorial to my parents.
The blue and green outer rim represents life on earth.  The colored dots represent my parents' birthstones (Dad = pink tourmaline and Mom = green peridot) as they spiral in decline toward the tunnel.  Dad went a few short years ahead of Mom.

Final Journey
sadness, pain
waiting, praying, releasing
to the light

The outer rim and circles of this one suggested a stairway, and my nervousness about heights inspired the poem, Staircase.

steep, spiral
climbing, slipping, falling
in my mind

Permission to post these mandalas on my blog was granted by the publisher, Roly Allen .

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