Saturday, July 9, 2016

More Mandalas

More Mandalas from The Little Book of Coloring for Calm by Madonna Gauding that I colored and added simple cinquain poems to describe.

The jagged lines in this first one seemed such a stark contrast to the center circle, so I used bold colors and a calm blue to create the feeling in the cinquain.

irritating, annoying 
nerves on edge
seek quiet space

This next one was inspired by the propeller shapes in the middle ring that made me think of a plane  circling the field at the center.  The sunflowers and green circles around outer rim represent the plants. 

yellow, old
swooping, turning, spraying
over the fields
crop duster 

The small circles in this one reminded me of heads.  The 10 octopus-like arms reminded me of multi-tasking.  The center, colored yellow and orange, represents energy.  The use of blue for the outside rim symbolizes the calm and focus that teachers strive to create in a classroom.
planning, multi-tasking, caring
lighting a spark
in 25 students

This last one seems self-explanatory.
fresh, fragrant
thoughtful gift
of roses and thorns

The mandalas were used in this post with permission from the publisher, Roly Allen.