Monday, April 2, 2018

"Black Jelly Beans" and "Holes" Published

These 2 springtime poems, as well as an abbreviated version of "Pops of Red," appear in Your Country Neighbor, April 2018

Black Jelly Beans
by Janet Sobczyk ©️2018

No black jelly beans.
And by the day after Easter, no chocolate.
Grocery shopping
colorful Easter display
bag of black jelly beans.

Pick it up
sorrowful smile
clutching memories.

Used to buy these
only for Mom
no one else liked them.

Now she’s gone
still tempted to buy them
set the bag down.

Slowly walk away
Easter’s not the same
without black jelly beans.


by Janet Sobczyk ©️2016

It’s hard to enjoy
tromping through
fresh fallen snow
on a brisk winter’s day
when there’s a hole in your boot.

It’s impossible to enjoy
the pitter patter of raindrops
or the melting snows
of springtime
when there’s a hole in your roof.

It’s difficult to enjoy
the journey to
a long-planned vacation
or family reunion
when there’s a hole in your tire.

It’s bittersweet to enjoy
daily blessings
joyful happenings
and tender moments
when there’s a hole in your heart.

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