Saturday, June 23, 2018

2 Short Poems published in YCN, June 2018

The June issue of Your Country Neighbor contains 2 of my poems:

This is a syllabic poem (3 per line.) When I tapped it out upon completion, it reminded me of the hoof beats of a galloping horse. I'd like to say that was intentional, but it wasn't. I just like to write that way sometimes. But for this poem it's appropriate!

They Feel Like Summer
by Janet Sobczyk, ©2017

Buff leather
two-inch heels
finger loops
pointy toes
bring to mind
days of youth.

Sweet sixteen
cut-off jeans
halter tops
no sunscreen
wind in hair
horse-back rides.

Middle age
walking tall
with tan dog
slower now
wearing new
cowboy boots.

The next poem, in couplets, was written after a drive to the store recently. It was a windy day and when I stopped for a red light I noticed this scene. It stuck with me, so I had to write it down. 

Wind on the Wire
by Janet Sobczyk, ©2018

Three brown birds
perch on an electric wire

two snuggle close
one stays inches away

all cling fast, feet clasp
holding on

facing the wind
wings firmly folded

gray tail feathers dip
enduring the gusts

weathering the storm
riding like bronco busters.

I wonder, Why stay?
Why don’t they find shelter?

Maybe they enjoy the thrill-ride
of wind on the wire.