Monday, November 19, 2018

Missing Him

Missing Him

A memorial poem
by Janet Sobczyk, 2018

She wandered the house, looking
for him, lost, alone.

He’s gone, she didn’t understand
why, why was he taken?

She laid down, weary
with grief, sleeping the day away.

His scent lingered, drawn to it
at night, waiting for him to return.

She knew he was ill, fading
into a skeleton, barely able to eat.

Everyone thought, she’d go
first from the stroke, but she rebounded.

 He succumbed, nothing
could be done, it was over.

Lacey mourned her constant
companion, her litter mate, Tanner.

Lacey and Tanner holding paws.

Lacey alone.

Postscript... Lacey mourned Tanner less than 2 months before joining him. 
It's hard to lose two beloved dogs in such a short time.