Monday, December 17, 2018

"Christmas Tree Goes on a Diet" Published

My blog's featured post this month was the first draft of a poem recently revised and published in the December Your Country Neighbor. Both the blog and publication include before and after photos of our Christmas tree. This far into the holiday season, with all of its sweet temptations, I'm already planning my next diet, too.

Christmas Tree Goes on a Diet
by Janet Sobczyk, 2018

Dressed in green
bedecked in red bling
white lights, white angel
carols in the air
eggnog for sweet sipping
multicolored presents
invited children to shake and peek.

Years passed
angel perch broke
children grew
long legs needed space
a tree so full and fat
hardly fit the room
time to buy a new one.

Brought it home
dressed it the same
stood back, admired
new tree was much thinner
seems over the summer
dear old tree
went on a diet!