Wednesday, February 20, 2019

"Flight Path" Poem Published

This poem and photo appeared in the February 2019 issue of "Your Country Neighbor."

 View of city geese last summer. We're all still waiting for the trail to re-open.

Flight Path
By Janet Sobczyk, 2019

I’m a lousy bird watcher
can’t claim to know much about them
seldom use binoculars
don’t keep a record of birds seen in my lifetime
can’t tell a bird by its call
but their sounds and movements fascinate me. 

At our old home I placed a feeder in a pine tree
nestled between boughs next to a window
sparrows gathered, flitting branch to branch
waiting turns impatiently
scared off by a loud jay or acrobatic squirrel
delightful entertainment.

New home, same feeders, placed in an ash tree
attract different entertainers
black and white woodpeckers with red caps
pink-breasted tiny blue birds I can’t identify
cardinal couples
and squirrels I’ve named.

Another new delight… geese!
Not attracted to the feeders
but residents of this part of town
their squawks distinctive 
capture my attention through closed windows 
a wonderful sound.

Early in the morning they make a v-line
rising from roosting grounds
to stretch wings, find food, socialize 
as humans head off to work 
geese begin the day 
heading south over my house.

At day’s end they commute home
pass my way again heading north
routine predictable
could set my watch by them
pause to listen, watch
it’s pleasant living under a flight path.

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