Thursday, November 21, 2019

Nebraska Writers Guild Poetry Book Published

One of my poems is included in this new chapbook by Nebraska writers called How It Looks from Here: Poetry from the Plains. It's a wonderful compilation by talented poets who inspire and encourage me.

My poem is called "Looking Cool in School" and is about how appearances can be deceiving, and may actually be attempts to cope with a special need or health issue.

How It Looks from Here: Poetry from the Plains (Nebraska Writers Guild Chapbook)

My thanks to Julie Haase, the NWG Publications Chair/Editor, and to InfusionMedia.  I especially want to thank Wayne Anson, who encouraged me to enter the competition to be considered for this book and reminded me of the deadline. I also want to thank the NWG poetry critique group, who told me this is an "important poem that needs to be published."

The book is $14.95 on at: 
How It Looks From Here