Sunday, December 8, 2019

"Small Town Mansions" Poem Published

This poem with my 3 photos was published in the October 2019 issue of "Your Country Neighbor." A weekend anniversary trip inspired this poem. The time away was lovely, and museums entertained, but the historic mansions captured my imagination.

Small Town Mansions
by Janet Sobczyk, 2019

I’m not a good traveler 
bulging bags are a drag 
long drives don’t appeal 
crammed itineraries exhaust. 

I prefer quick, nearby trips 
a small town stay 
two hours away… 

Quaint museums, small cafes, 
renovated B&Bs with shady porches, 
photo opps, historic stops 
and quiet time to read are what I need. 

A stroll down this town’s Mansion Mile 
reveals treasures bold 
where stories and glories unfold 
and time travel seems possible. 

Imagine living here in the 1800s 
as rich folk with servants and gardeners 
long dresses, hats, starched shirts, spats 
horses and carriages on cobblestone streets. 

Imagine living here now 
as middle class folk with money woes 
trying to maintain a money pit 
in a town with a hard-hit economy. 

The glorious chateau 
sits next to a burned-out bungalow 
that may get revived 
or remain a dive. 

Time ravages all 
some mansions crumble and fall 
others get rebuilt next to weeds and silt 
a mismatched neighborhood.

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