Saturday, April 4, 2020

"Immigrant Dandelions" Published in Your Country Neighbor, April 2020

This beautiful sculpture stood in the Joslyn Museum's indoor fountain for many years,
then it was transplanted to an Omaha Public Library lobby where I took this photo.
I'm not sure what the artist intended, but it looks like a dandelion to me! 
Immigrant Dandelions
by Janet Sobczyk, 2018

They arrived, precious cargo
in the baggage of colonists
settling America
with high hopes for the future.

They emerged from careful wrappings
were planted, nurtured
used as food, medicine
and to prevent erosion.

Native Americans
learned their value
saw their versatility
appreciated their uses.

Now they are reviled
a blight on manicured lawns
weeds to be eradicated
by hand or chemical.

They defy extinction
multiplying quickly
migrating across the land
on gusts of untamed wind.

Little children are their allies
still blowing seeds
offering yellow blossoms
with innocent smiles.

Valued plant
or invasive pest
depends on your perspective
what does your eye behold?